Rat's nest

NAME: Reginald Watts

OCCUPATION: Musician/producer

NEIGHBORHOOD: Judkins Park/ Rainier Valley

Why do you live here?

Because it's affordable, I love houses, and my roommates kick ass!

How long have you lived here?

Almost a year exactly.

How did you find this place?

My roommate Rebecca—a.k.a. Misskick—and her friend Alex found it while I was on tour in Europe thankfully, and I moved in when I got back.

To what extent does this space reflect you, your personality, your tastes?

I suppose it reflects me now but not necessarily my tastes. I'm living kind of minimally for "artistic" reasons. I don't have the resources to transform my home reality just yet, but I'm very happy with what I have.

What would you say your "style" is, as shown by how you put your place together?

Simple, clean, ancient, and tech.

What do you value most about this space?

The comfort of sanctuary.

What are the benefits to living in this area/neighborhood?

It's deceptively quiet and it's close to I-5 and I-90.

What is your favorite feature inside your home? Favorite object?

The rat. The bird. The fish. The iguana. The Rebecca and the Brandy [his roommates].

Where do you buy things for your home?

I don't really buy things so much as they fall into my hands or are given to me.

Do you ever worry that you'll have to move?

No. When the time comes it will arrive and it will be for a good reason.

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