Tent city

Name: Olga and Grant Taylor

Occupation: None

Neighborhood: Tent City 3/Ballard

Why do you live here?

Just moved here from Texas and have no other place to go as of yet.

How long have you lived here?

One month.

How did you find this place?

A friend told us about this place.

To what extent does this space reflect you, your personality, your tastes?

Easygoing and free-spirited.

What would you say your "style" is, as shown by how you put your place together?

Comfortable—it's home for now.

What do you value most about this place?

It's safe and off the streets.

What are the benefits to living in this area/neighborhood?

Safety—and a lot of friendly people.

What is your favorite feature inside your home?

TV and radio.

Where do you buy things for your home?

Don't really buy too much due to space.

Do you ever worry that you'll have to move?

Yes. We have no other place to go.

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