News Clips— Glory/Infamy



Mayor Paul Schell is ready to party: Given Ahmed Ressam's terrorism conviction, Schell's cancellation of the 2000 millennium celebration seems more the work of a wise man than a wuss.

Environmentalists decry the decision to keep water behind dams for electrical generation purposes rather than to spill it to facilitate salmon migration. On the bright side, any salmon casualties will be fed into Tacoma City Light's new fish-powered generators.

Tacoma hot-tubbers rejoice! City officials affirmed T-town's "swinger" status last week by shelving plans for a tub ban. In a supposedly unrelated story, two days later the lights went out.

Sound Transit picked up more bad publicity when it was revealed that acting light rail director Lyndon Wilson is getting paid $200 an hour. At least he's unlikely to qualify for any incentive bonuses.

World music lovers will get their WOMAD festival back through a deal involving local production company the Workshop and Paul Allen's ubiquitous Experience Music Project. Expect an Allen guitar jam on "Louie, Louie" to be included in this year's diverse schedule.

Stock market junkies are stuck in daytrading mode as the Dow Jones managed two days of big increases in an otherwise bleak week. Still want to toss your Social Security money into the pot?

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