SPOTTED OUTSIDE OF: Easy Street CDs—Ballard, 2220 NW Market, 782-2344

NAME: Caspian

LIKE THE SEA? Like the prince.

AGE: 22

WHERE DO YOU LIVE? Phinney Ridge

WHAT DO YOU DO? I'm an audio engineer and I install computer networks and crazy shit like that.

WHADCHAGIT? Ken Burns JAZZ Collection: Dave Brubeck; Coldplay, Parachutes; and a Coldplay import.

YOU'RE A BIG COLDPLAY FAN? I had heard their stuff on the major radio stations and then on my way to work the other day, KCMU played some really good songs and one of them was Coldplay. Oh, wait, it was KEXP.

WHO ARE SOME OF YOUR FAVORITES? Verti Bird, which you haven't heard of. They're from my hometown in Alaska. I like Liquid Soul and the Living Daylights.

BEEN TO ANY GOOD SHOWS LATELY? The last show I saw was Jim White. It was great. Of course he's more produced these days but he still has the haunting lyrics. He started and ended the set with songs that I really love.


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