SPOTTED AT: Rockaroke [sic] at the Sunset Tavern, 5433 Ballard, 784-0627

NAME: Kevin "Earthquake" Milton

AGE: Young


WHAT DO YOU DO? I'm the host and MC of Rockaroke. We're here on Wednesday nights, and on Thursdays we do it at the Motion Lounge on Eastlake, too. Rockaroke started here, but we've branched out.

WHO'S "WE"? Me and the band. You get to sing karaoke with a full band. Me and George, the drummer, also play in Kool Aid every Friday at the Motion Lounge, and Rusty, who plays keyboards and guitar, also plays in Hit Explosion.

WHAT DO YOU TELL PEOPLE TO MAKE THEM COMFORTABLE? Well, I always say, "No talent, no problem" and "The more you drink, the better you sound." And actually, I just tell people to have a good time.

WHAT SONG ARE YOU SICK OF PLAYING? I'm not sick of any of them. It's all really fun. But "Sweet Child of Mine"— we did have to put a limit on that one. We limit it to two or three times in a night. Just once during each set: No repeats in the same set!

WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE SONG TONIGHT? Probably "Smells Like Teen Spirit," because I play drums on that one.


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