13 Most-missed joints

MIRROR TAVERN: A bar on Pike Street you could get thrown into. (Now a T-shirt shop.)

DAG'S DRIVE-IN: A.k.a. "Dag's World Headquarters," "Home of the Dagilac," and "This is Dag's. Canlis is 10 bucks north." (Now an Aurora Avenue parking lot.)

PIZZA NICK'S PIKE PARLOR: Pols, pimps, police, poets, prostitutes, and priests ate there: "If these walls could speak," Nick said, "it would be a miracle." (Displaced by NikeTown.)

THE DOG HOUSE RESTAURANT: Tough waitresses serving food like your mother use to make; you ate it anyway. (Now the Hurricane Caf鮩

APPLE THEATER: Last of the urban porno theaters, another victim of technology. (Replaced by new Boren Street development.)

LOFOURNO'S EATERY AND BAR: Great food and music on 15th. (Now a great foundry).

DANNY DANZEL TATTOO PARLOR: Owner learned his craft in youth by tattooing neighborhood dogs; Pike Market shop featured "automatic tattoo removers"—a tank of live piranhas. (Now a Market tourist shop.)

211 POOL HALL: First on Union, then on Second, serious billiards to the end. (Now an empty space.)

CARCINOGEN SMOKE SHOP: Cancer and porn videos all under one Pike Street roof. (Displaced by new Sheraton Hotel.)

THE RICKSHAW ROOM: Bartender Uncle Tommy once refused to serve a naked man—but only because he knew the man didn't have any money on him. (Now part of a remodeled hotel.)

IRENE'S TAVERN: Mom and daughter sold beers for five cents on Pine Street; a good hangover could be had for $1, with change back. (Displaced in building renovation.)

318 TAVERN: Top off-Fremont burger joint with style; good-ol'-boy owner Bill Dickinson also served "French dips, cause I ain't got nothin' against those people." (Now the Nickerson Street Saloon.)

THE RENDEZVOUS: Oh, sorry, it just looks like it's closed.

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