News Clips— Brilliant/Dim



Three cheers for THE VIADUCT: Now that ineffectual Mayor Paul Schell has decided he wants to tear it down, there's little doubt that it will be saved or even expanded..

KIDS got left in the lurch Tuesday as a one-day teachers' strike coincided with a national child-care appreciation day that left many centers closed. Enterprising parents merely dropped their youngsters off at one picket line or the other.

The new SEATTLE SONICS MANAGEMENT is intent on making friends through two upcoming public meetings designed to let fans comment on "what they would like to see in the Sonics basketball experience." (Hint: not Vin Baker.)

MIDDLE-SCHOOL DRUG DEALERS are up in arms over a state survey showing declines in alcohol and drug use among teens. Among the responses considered: two-for-one Tuesdays, more colorful packaging, free home delivery.

THORNTON CREEK may yet rise again: With Northgate Mall selling its south parking lot, environmentalists hope the new owners will restore a long-buried section of the original stream (even if the city still won't acknowledge it exists).

SEATTLE must break open the piggy bank for attorney Dave Osgood, who gets $86,000 for defending a local restaurateur against police drug stings. It's just the second example of generous official behavior in this case, the first being when cops rewarded informants with free crack cocaine.

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