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DON'T FEEL SORRY for U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell, says The Economist magazine.

Not that anybody around here was: Sure, the paper value of her RealNetworks stock has melted away in the dot-com inferno, but she's still one of America's 100 most powerful legislators and it's tough to beat a sitting senator. Cantwell knows. She had to finance most of her own $11.5 million campaign to displace very beatable 1,000-year incumbent Slade Gorton.

But if our Maria wants to count her blessings, The Economist's April 28 piece should prove helpful. Start with an annual salary of $145,100 (which would have impressed Cantwell herself, back in her Washington Legislature days), factor in the six years between U.S. Senate elections, and don't forget new friends like Hillary Clinton, who hosted a major Cantwell fund-raiser in her own home (furnishings courtesy of the White House). Gosh, we feel better already. . . .

James Bush

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