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Credit the Seattle Police MARDI GRAS TASK FORCE with charges filed against some 41 defendants, due to our cops' TV-watching skills. They'd have caught them all if they hadn't taken a night off to catch the Survivor finale.

MCDONALD'S is facing a local class-action suit charging that it uses beef products in its French fry grease. Gosh, who'd have guessed that such an animal-friendly corporation would stoop so low.

Mayor PAUL SCHELL reportedly likes his $35,000 maple tree so much, he's shopping around for a $50,000 planter to put it in.

Vice President DICK CHENEY recently blasted energy conservation and endorsed the construction of some 1,700 new power plants. It makes you wonder how those rumors about the Bush Administration being in the pocket of the energy industry got started.

City Attorney MARK SIDRAN showed his nice-guy credentials by selling copies of the homeless newspaper Real Change on a downtown corner. The publicity stunt backfired, however, after Sidran used a rolled-up newspaper to attack a man sitting on a nearby sidewalk.

Husky football coach RICK NEUHEISEL can't collect $150,000 for a Nike shoe contract, says a state ethics panel. The disappointed coach claims he needs the extra bucks to finance prison visits to his starters.

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