News Clips— Princes/Knaves



Seattle radio listeners rejoice! Howard Stern, the New York shock jock who launched a thousand drive-time imitators, is now on KISW's morning schedule. You haven't lived until you've heard a game of Naked Twister over the radio.

Sadly, the XFL has folded, proving that packaging pro football like pro wrestling isn't such a great idea. On the bright side, team collectibles will soon be netting thousands on eBay.

Congrats to our own Bastyr University for snagging federal grant money to study healing through mental telepathy. Next up: a Sound Transit-funded study on using levitation for transportation purposes.

Internet porn pioneer Seth Warshavsky unwisely skipped a debtor's hearing on a $180,000 judgment against his company: The judge not only didn't jail him, she obligingly closed the hearing to the media. Can we see it on pay-per-view?

The good news: City Attorney Mark Sidran successfully challenged the Pike Place Market Historical Commission and can now run his mayoral campaign from his own building. The bad news: This just proves how easy the city is to beat in court.

Qwest Communications has raised the price of pay phone calls to 50 cents. Says a high-ranking Qwest official: "If The Seattle Times is worth a quarter, a call's got to be worth at least four bits."

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