2 Cents

NAME: Howard Hooper

SPOTTED AT: Golden Oldies, 201 N.E. 45th, 547-2260

WHAT DO YOU DO HERE AT GOLDEN OLDIES? I'm the assistant manager for this location.


WHAT ARE SOME OF THE MOST SOUGHT-AFTER RECORDS? We get a lot of people looking for Fleetwood Mac's first record Mr. Wonderful, Zappa's first couple, classic Beatles stuff, Northwest rockā€”the Sonics, the Wailers. We carry rare jazz, rare blues, and rare rock, so within each of those three genres there are hundreds of records that people are looking for. We also stock a lot of CDs; not everyone's looking for vinyl.

HOW DO YOU HANDLE ALL THOSE REQUESTS? We have thousands of lists. People come in and tell us what they're looking for, and eventually we're usually able to get it for them. We finally found this one record for someone, but we got a letter back from his wife saying that he had died eight years ago.

ANY GOOD REQUESTS LATELY? The day that Chuck Berry was in town for the EMP show we sold out of all of his records.

WHAT'S ONE OF THE MOST VALUABLE RECORDS IN HERE RIGHT NOW? This Paul Revere and the Raiders record [In the Beginning, from 1966] is on hold for someone. It goes for $48.


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