News Clips— Hits/Duds



Paul Allen spent $20.8 million for eight city-owned parcels on South Lake Union but passed on two nearby public properties— finally providing conclusive proof that he doesn't really plan to buy the entire city.

The state House of Representatives is backing a new state primary system that would effectively disenfranchise independent voters. Legislators point out that two choices is one choice more than Seattle voters get in most City Council elections.

The Norwegian Cruise Line is cashing in on its recent tilting-ship mishap in the Strait of Juan de Fuca by offering a series of "Extreme Cruises." Says a company official: "They're more exciting than street luge."

Ex-Seattle cop Chuck Pillon is eying another quixotic campaign, this time as a Republican challenger to King County Executive Ron Sims. If nothing else, this could give Sants Contreras a beatable primary opponent.

Insurance companies won't have to pay a $13.8 jury verdict against Washington state because the state failed to appeal the award in a timely manner. A Pierce County judge rejected the state's claim that a dog ate the appeal papers.

Michael Lund, an alleged conspirator in the state's largest marijuana smuggling ring ever, was captured after 23 years on the lam. Defense attorneys claim big toker Lund simply forgot he had a family, a different name, and a drawer full of warrants.

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