THIS IS SUPPOSED to be a guide to enjoying your summer without spending a lot. Well, forget the cheap thrills when it comes to the


Summer music

THIS IS SUPPOSED to be a guide to enjoying your summer without spending a lot. Well, forget the cheap thrills when it comes to the big-ticket acts passing through town in the next three months. Eat ramen, drink your fine wine from a box, reuse toilet paper—whatever it takes, you'll have to do it if you want to see your favorite bands beyond the cable box. Whether you pant for Radiohead, Janet Jackson, or Grandaddy, they're all (with a few exceptions) panting for your pocketbook, and it's gonna hurt. Unless, of course, that Christopher Cross show at the Fairgrounds ($7? That's lunch money!) will tide you over till the Summer of '02.


PAUL SIMON, BRIAN WILSON Tortured pop genius opens up for famous folkie, world-music wizard, and failed Broadway bard? Weird. If you don't have the cash, spring for the recently released, revamped tracks on the Beach Boy's Smiley Smile/Wild Honey; otherwise, don't miss it. Gorge Amphitheater. $44.65-$68.25. Wed., June 9.

DIDO Perhaps the only delicate British songstress whose career was jump-started by a sociopathic white rapper, Dido has stood strong on her own unsampled material since Eminem first brought her to the top 20. With endearing fellow countrymen Travis, the Coldplay of 1999. Key Arena. $30. Mon., June 11.

COLDPLAY The gleam on this British foursome has tarnished a little since their original power surge in 2000—reported infighting and overall exhaustion have apparently left the "Yellow" rockers a little, well, blue. Still, a show like this in such an unlikely venue does sound kind of kicky. Benaroya Hall. $25-$27. Mon., June 18.

SEATTLE IMPROVISED MUSIC FESTIVAL For a spirit of freedom and danger, you can't top Seattle's seven-day orgy of unplanned sounds, now in its 16th year. The festival conscripts some of the city's most fearless creators in novel combinations, as well as importing a few free-form stars from the giant, concurrent Vancouver festival (see below), such as saxophone blowers John Butcher and Frode Gjerstad. The "Asian zither summit" sounds like a highlight. Various Seattle locations. Thurs., June 21-Thurs., June 28.

BIG FREAKIN' DEAL 3 FEATURING NELLY FURTADO, DREAM, ATC, UNCLE KRACKER, DEBELAH MORGAN, VERTICAL HORIZON, SMASH MOUTH The latest pop songs that have been lodged in your cortex like a hairball in a cat's windpipe probably came from one or more of the artists above; they're all stars of the moment on the radio station sponsoring this show, 106.1, which caters to the bubbleyummiest of the one-hit-wonderful music market. Cheney Stadium. $27.50-$30.00. Fri., June 22.

VANCOUVER INTERNATIONAL JAZZ FESTIVAL The best and possibly only argument for annexing Canada, this 10-day event is unique in its massive breadth: Straight-ahead headliners like Hank Jones and Curtis Fuller are represented alongside Knitting Factory partisans like the Paradox Trio, trad swingers like John Pizzarelli, European experimentalists like Evan Parker, seldom-heard progressive giants like Tim Berne, plus your usual assortment of world, Latin, Afro, blues, and—of course—Emmylou Harris(?). It's more than enough reason to run for the border and kick the hell out of those Canadian dollars. Various Vancouver, B.C., locations. $10-$35. Fri., June 22-Sun., July 1.

RADIOHEAD The majority of rabid showgoers will probably have already put the band's newest release, Amnesia (out in early June), through the CD wringer roughly four million times by the time they head to the Gorge; whether the persnickety group will oblige them with Radiohead Classic or Version 2.0 is anyone's guess. With Scottish sonic explorers Beta Band. Gorge Amphitheater. $39.95. Sat., June 23.

THE WALLFLOWERS A solid, well-intended pop band if ever there was one, the Wallflowers just wanna write songs about the trials of life without being compared to their frontman's father all the time. If the world made any sense, these boys would have the top 40 hits, not those Backstreet jokers. Pier 62/63. $33. Sat., June 23.

OZZFEST 2001 FEATURING BLACK SABBATH, MARILYN MANSON, SLIPKNOT, PAPA ROACH, LINKIN PARK, CRAZY TOWN The original Iron Men head up this now-booming summer event; expect lots of Angry Young Men wearing Angry Young Band T-shirts, and about four and a half girls. And missing Ozzy in action is a grave mistake, even if he's more likely to bite the head off a Powerbar than a bat these days. Gorge Amphitheater. $60.40. Mon., June 25.

EMMYLOU HARRIS, JOE HENRY Thirty bucks to hear some of the sweetest pipes in country music? Seems a right-fair deal. And opener Henry ain't nothing to cough at neither. Pier 62/63. $30. Fri., June 29.

VANS WARPED TOUR 2001 The lineup's not announced yet, but you can bet your backyard ramp that skaters and other X Games types will be peeing for joy in their oversized shorts when it is. Gorge Amphitheater. $29.15. Tues., July 3.

BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB, ORQUESTA IBRAHIM FERRER, RUBEN GONZALEZ This has Amazing Event of the Summer written all over it. We can see it now: Warm breezes; deep, evocative rhythms; and an illegally imported cigar. Pier 62/63. $45. Fri., July 6-Sat., July 7.

JANET JACKSON Oh, if yer nasty, and she is. Now, of course, Janet's also an elder stateswoman of the R&B/pop scene, with an astounding catalogue of hits to run through. Expect a fully choreographed extravaganza. Key Arena. $35-$78. Sun., July 8.

AMERICAFEST World Festival of Women's Singing—Americafest? It just sounds so darn American. But if you're looking to convene with renowned international women's choirs and female choral directors, we doubt you'll have a better opportunity than this. Various venues. Most events under $20. Tues., July 10-Sat., July 14.

LYLE LOVETT & HIS LARGE BAND Lovett often travels with a posse of about 20—a Large Band indeed—so you can expect horn sections, cellists, and gospel singers along with his Nashville-quality country. The Pier 62/63. $35. Wed., July 11-Thurs., July 12.

YO YO A GO GO The Oly organizers behind this fest pride themselves on bringing you music that's from "around the corner and around the world." Well, so far the "around the corner" types are locked in and it's the usual suspects: C.O.C.O., Bratmobile, The Gossip, and Mirah are all lined up. Check in with later this summer to see who else jumps on board. Various locations, Olympia. $55-$60. Tues., July 17-Sun., July 22.

COUNTING CROWS Adam Duritz whining at a winery? You might be better off buying a bottle of cheap chardonnay and watching Friends reruns. Chateau Ste Michelle. $39.50, $49.50. Wed., July 18.

EVERLY BROTHERS Before those Hanson boys even thought of mmm-bopping, the Everly Brothers whispered, "Wake Up, Little Suzie." And as we aren't sure that the "Bye Bye, Love" brothers are getting any younger, you might wanna seize the day. King Cat Theatre. $36.75-$63.50. Wed., July 18.

INDIGO GIRLS Back from her queercore-backed solo tour, Amy Ray reconnects with Emily Saliers for more folk-rock harmonies and pure, hummable strumming. Pier 62/63. $34. Wed., July 18-Thurs., July 19.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS, BILLY BRAGG England's socialist bad boy and the Louisiana-born songwriter and poet's daughter? Hell, yes. This show would be well worth the price for either half of the bill. Pier 62/63. $33. Sun., July 22.

JILL SCOTT The latest soulful diva on the scene, she held her own pretty well against Aretha Franklin live; Scott's laid-back grooves will probably go just right with a breezy pier and a setting sun, with or without Franklin's accompaniment. Pier 62/63. $35. Wed., July 25.

WOMAD FESTIVAL This year's lineup includes English-language luminaries like Robert Plant, Steel Pulse, and the Neville Brothers, as well as France's Jo-Lo, Tibet's Yungchen Lharno, and Senegal's Youssou N'Dour. Also slated for an appearance is WOMAD's own founder, Peter Gabriel, as a guest vocalist with the Afro Celt Sound System. $25-$35 per day, $65-$74 for full three-day pass. Kids under 12 free. Fri., July 27- Sun., July 29.

DAVID BYRNE, EX-CENTRIC SOUND SYSTEM, LES YEUX NOIR, ARTHUR HULL Byrne's show at the Crocodile sold out faster than we could say, "Qu'est-ce que c'est?" Word on the street? These tickets are gonna go even quicker. Pier 62/63. $40. Sat., July 28.

DEPECHE MODE Did you hear the one about the band who took a drug dealer and a psychiatrist on tour? No real punch line on that one, unless you're among the folks panning Exiter. Question is, now that Gahan and company are on the straight-and-narrow, how the hell are they going to pull of those little black skirts? Gorge Amphitheater. $40.95-$70.35. Sun., July 29.

AREA ONE MUSIC FESTIVAL FEATURING MOBY, NEW ORDER, OUTKAST, THE ROOTS, RINOCEROSE, PAUL OKENFOLD, CARL COX, THE ORB, TIMO MAAS Moby's pomo answer to Lollapalooza kicks off its first outing with an impressive roster of hip-hop and dance innovators, as well as a few surprises like '80s godfathers New Order. Perhaps the most exciting addition is Atlanta's ubertalented Outkast, who've never made a Seattle-area performance before. And kwityerbitchin about that entry fee; the show is a pretty crazy bargain when you break it down by artist. Gorge Amphitheater. $60.90. Fri., Aug. 3.

PATTI SMITH, SLEATER-KINNEY This show presents a truly amazing opportunity to kick the timeless, decades-spanning shit out of a Saturday night. Any true rock fan would be a fool to miss it. Pier 62/63. $28. Sat., Aug. 4.

BACKSTREET BOYS Plenty of giddy girls still Want It That Way from their heartthrobs, even if BB have slipped a little on the boy-band golden ladder. The fans are ever-faithful to soulful Howie, huggable Nick, suave Kevin, handsome Brian, and scary A.J., and their piercing screams will probably travel north all the way to the Seattle metro area, far beyond the reach of the Boys' New Jack harmonies. Tacoma Dome. $38.75-$100.25. Thurs., Aug. 9.

AEROSMITH, FUEL What do we hate more than rockers who don't know when to say when? Watching their fans pay seventy goddamned dollars for the experience of watching them overstep their glory days. Gorge Amphitheater. $35.70, $73.50. Fri., Aug. 10.

JOHN MELLENCAMP For these prices you should be getting the Cougar, too. Gorge Amphitheater. $49.50-$70.35. Sat., Aug. 11.

ERYKAH BADU The highly spiritualized, toweringly turbaned singer tours to support her latest, and many say strongest, record, Mama Said. You could buy a whole lot of head-wraps for that admission price. Pier 62/63. $52.00. Sun., Aug. 15.

MOODY BLUES The classic rock knights may not look quite so svelte in white satin as they used to, but they're still galloping into Seattle wine country for not one but two shows—due, we assume, to popular demand. Just don't expect circa 1968 prices. Chateau St. Michelle. $49.50-$79.50. Thurs., Aug. 16-Fri., Aug. 17.

DAVE MATTHEWS BAND The Davester returns for another three-night summer run in George, bringing hope and happiness to the Tevas and Pukka-shell Nation. Gorge Amphitheater. $40.20-$52.50. Fri., Aug. 24-Sun., Aug. 26.

RINGO STARR & HIS ALL STARR BAND On previous recordings, Ringo's "All Starr" band has included Joe Walsh, Nils Lofgren, Marc Bolan, and Todd Rundgren. No word yet on exactly who's gonna be accompanying him to the vineyards, but would you kill us if we said that no matter who he brings, he'll probably get by with a little help from his friends? Chateau Ste Michelle. $59.50, $89.50. Tues., Aug. 28.

BUMBERSHOOT A full lineup won't be made public until July 13, but so far the organization has confirmed Loretta Lynn, Reverend Horton Heat, Marshall Crenshaw, Black Crowes, Nigerian artist King Sunny Ade, Mary Black, and Built to Spill, as well as nonmusical performers like Spalding Gray and Dave Eggers. Seattle Center. $12-$16 per day, $22-$28 for two-day passes, $40-$44 for full festival passes, $2 for seniors, no charge for kids under 12. Fri., Aug. 31-Mon., Sept. 3.

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