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Your column is both enjoyable and informative. Thanks for providing pet owners with your insights.

Here's my cat, Mr. Blackie's, dilemma: My apartment is a house that consists of a duplex of two apartments side by side. Mr. B. (neutered and 14) and I have lived there for over 10 years. A few months ago, a large male Siamese cat moved into the other apartment. He seems to forgo social niceties in favor of being a nuisance: comes in my cat's door and battles with my cat inside the apartment, fights outside creating cuts and scrapes, and when verbally chastised shows no signs of fear or retaliation. Mr. B. does defend himself against this cat in his territory. Speaking to the owner is not an option: futile.

What is even more interesting about this is that Mr. B. has other feline friends. The other cats routinely come in the cat door to grab a bite of food and there is never a hassle. Only with the Siamese. This cat is so bold that he can climb up on my kitchen table and will sit there unfazed until I grab my spray bottle and say "OUT!"

I am considering changing the cat door to one that uses a magnet and magnetized collar—at a terrible expense. However, that will not eliminate the outside battles of yelps and yowls plus the cuts and bruises. Any ideas?

Enclosed is a photo showing Mr. B. pondering going out the cat door. (Note 12-inch tail!)



Your query is indeed a verbose one; thus the Pet Secretary has reminded the Pet Lady that she ought keep her response pithy or risk having the words fall out of the box, which would be a travesty indeed. So, at the risk of provoking the wrath of the owners of Siamese all over our beautiful city, the Pet Lady would like to point out that Siamese cats are almost always quite insane and bitey, and little can be done about that. This newfangled magnetic cat door you mention intrigues the Pet Lady, and it sounds like a fine idea in terms of securing the premises; one hopes one would not find Mr. B. with spoons and coins clinging to his collar. Finally, from his portrait, Mr. B. looks to be a wise, thoughtful feline—one who is capable of fighting his own battles; the Pet Lady regrets to tell you that Nature must take its course, and you must let it. Best to you, Liesel, and Godspeed, Mr. B.

The Pet Lady

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