News Clips— Needle Exchange

CELL-PHONE ZILLIONAIRE Wendy McCaw has made a somewhat rough transition from her Seattle life to her new role as a California newspaper owner.

According to a recent piece by John Johnson of the L.A. Times, the ex-wife of McCaw Cellular's Craig McCaw enjoys the power of the press. Since Ms. Megabucks took the reins, the Santa Barbara News-Press editorial page has trashed the state Coastal Commission, which, completely coincidentally, has been trying to establish a public beach along the shoreline of her 24-acre estate. The animal-loving vegetarian's paper has also editorialized against eating turkey on Thanksgiving, saying it couldn't back "a tradition that involves the death of an unwilling participant."

The new press mogul seems less concerned about the lives of working-class people: Her first act as owner was to scrap the paper's pension plan and eliminate a 401(k) savings program match. Since her arrival, the News-Press has also blasted minimum wage laws. Remember, the rich are different.

James Bush

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