News Clips— Victors/Vanquised



Republican legislators have blocked the passage of a state anti-bullying law. Their unusual tactics included grabbing the bill from sponsor Ed Murray and tossing it from person to person until Murray gave up and went home.

The recently relocated Fremont Sunday Market is threatened by complaints from boaters accustomed to parking in the lots it now occupies. Heaven forbid these hardy outdoorsmen might have to park elsewhere and walk a couple of blocks.

Pharmacists won their legal challenge to a state program mandating uncompensated discounts for drug-buying seniors. Gov. Gary Locke may strike back with a new law requiring that druggists allow the elderly to move into their homes.

The good news: Unsafe-at-any-speed Seattle cop Christopher Hansen had his driving privileges pulled after two accidents (one fatal). The bad news: He still has a gun.

Bad doctors welcome the news that HMOs are failing to report incompetent physicians to federal authorities. Says one clumsy surgeon: "This'll save me a fortune on malpractice insurance!"

Some employees of the tr賠chic W Hotel have filed a federal sexual harassment lawsuit against the chain. Couldn't they have just used their trendy headsets to call for help?

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