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WHO ARE YOU? Dave Voorhees, owner of Bop Street Records, 5219 Ballard N.W., 297-2232

WHAT ARE THE BEST FEATURES OF YOUR NEW LOCATION? It's much larger—1,500 square feet in the main area and over 6,000 square feet for storage. The records are now clearly priced, in browsable racks, and we're going to have a stage for in-store performances.

HOW'S IT GOING SO FAR? Great. During the Ballard Art Walk this month, we had 125 people come through, and there were 30 people here at the same time—that wasn't possible at the old location.

WHAT SORTS OF THINGS DO YOU COLLECT? A lot of exotica/girlie records from the '50s and '60s, especially ones with cool covers, records made by movie and TV stars, early electronic records, and other oddities.

WHERE DO YOU HUNT FOR RECORDS? I make about three trips a week to Value Village, Thriftko, and St. Vincent De Paul looking for finds.

MOST MEMORABLE SALES? The makers of High Fidelity bought a couple of records from me and used the copy of Funkadelic's Maggot Brain in the movie; Northern Exposure bought a ton of 45s for the show's radio station; R. Crumb came in 1993 and bought a stack of 78s and signed some records that featured his artwork.


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