The winners

Official SIFF awards announced.

WE WERE THERE for Sunday's SIFF awards brunch (see related story), and here's the official, more-or-less verbatim roster of who won what. The Needles come from approximately 77,000 popular ballots—those little cards you tore and returned after each screening. The other awards are selected by a tiny, secretive cabal of SIFF programmers and power brokers accountable to no one. Please express your indignation to them, not us. 2001 Golden Space Needle Awards Best Film: Finder's Fee (U.S.A.), directed by Jeff Probst. Runners-up: 1st Place: Joint Security Area, Chan-wook Park (South Korea) 2nd Place: Mortal Transfer, Jean-Jacques Beineix (France) 3rd Place: Ghost World, Terry Zwigoff (U.S.A.) 4th Place: The Closet, Francis Veber (France) Best Director: Tim Blake Nelson, O (U.S.A.) Runners-up: 1st Place: Jean-Jacques Beineix, Mortal Transfer (France) 2nd Place: Oxide Pang and Danny Pang, Bangkok: Dangerous (Thailand) 3rd Place: Paul Cox, Innocence (Australia) 4th Place: Jeff Probst, Finder's Fee (U.S.A.) Best Actor: John Cameron Mitchell, Hedwig and the Angry Inch (U.S.A.) Runners-up: 1st Place: Steve Buscemi, Ghost World (U.S.A.) 2nd Place: Kang-ho Song, Foul King (South Korea) 3rd Place: Charles "Bud" Tingwell, Innocence (Australia) 4th Place: Daniel Auteuil, The Closet (France) Best Actress: Thora Birch, Ghost World (U.S.A.) Runners-up: 1st Place: Gong Li, Breaking the Silence (China) 2nd Place: Charlotte Rampling, Under the Sand (France) 3rd Place: Leelee Sobieski, My First Mister (U.S.A.) 4th Place: Judy Davis, Gaudi Afternoon (U.S.A.) Best Documentary: The Endurance: Shackleton's Legendary Antarctic Expedition (U.S.A.), directed by George Butler Runners-up: 1st Place: Southern Comfort, Kate Davis (U.S.A.) 2nd Place: Scratch, Doug Pray (U.S.A.) 3rd Place: If I Could, Patti Obrow White (U.S.A.) 4th Place: Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures, Jan Harlan (Great Britain) Best Short Film: Boychick (U.S.A.), directed by Glen Gaylord Runners-up: 1st Place: Horses on Mars, Eric Anderson (U.S.A.) 2nd Place: My Chorus, Richard Doherty (U.S.A.) 3rd Place: . . . (dot dot dot), Anthony Ng (U.S.A.) 4th Place: Okenka (Little Windows/ Film Frames), Joseph Cahill (Czech Republic) New American Cinema Award: Jackpot (U.S.A.), directed by Michael Polish Special Jury Prize: Viva Las Nowhere (U.S.A.), directed by Jason Bloom New Director's Showcase Award: Together (Sweden/ Italy), directed by Lukas Moodysson Special Jury Prizes: Before the Storm (Sweden), directed by Reza Parsa Joint Security Area (South Korea), directed by Chan-wook Park On Location: Shooting in Seattle Awards Best Film: Farewell to Harry, directed by Garrett Bennett Special Jury Prize: Nuts and Bolts, directed by Peter J. Vogt and Mark Van-S Creative Merit: White Face, directed by Brian McDonald

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