2 Cents

SPOTTED OUTSIDE OF: Sonic Boom, 3414 Fremont N., 547-BOOM

NAME: Ethan Adams

AGE: 28


WHAT DO YOU DO? I'm an on-strike T.A. at the University of Washington.

WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH THE STRIKE? The university is an unfair employer; they deprive their employees of their rights and, therefore, the students of a fair education.

SO, WHADCHAGIT? A Smog EP, Cold Blooded Old Times, a Go-Betweens EP, Surfing Magazines, and a used Stereolab EP, Crumb Duck.

ANY REASON THEY'RE ALL EPS? I'm on strike and impoverished, but I still wanted to get something, so I bought EPs since they're slightly cheaper.

I NOTICE THAT YOU'RE WEARING A MOT֒HEAD BUTTON. Yeah. I love me some Mot�ad. I'm not a Head Head, but you know, if you're riding the bus and you want people to stay away, it's a lot easier when you have your Mot�ad pin on.

WHAT ARE YOUR FIVE DESERT ISLAND DISCS? The Pixies, Surfer Rosa; Miles Davis, In a Silent Way; Archers of Loaf, Vs. the Greatest of All Time; something by James Brown; and Velvet Underground, Loaded.


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