News Clips— Upswing/Downturn



U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell's financial problems have eased, based on disclosure filings that put her personal worth at at least $5 million. Guess we can give that extra canned food to Northwest Harvest instead.

Directory assistance calls will cost $1.25 from now on; Qwest officials say they simply took the average time it takes most people to find the phone book and multiplied it by the minimum wage.

It will be an early Christmas for Eastside developers if the proposed pumping of millions of gallons of underground water from the Snohomish Aquifer can keep the tract homes coming. The only opposition: those killjoy environmentalists.

The windstorm that blew a West Seattle day-care provider out of her shoes was actually a small tornado. Experts are investigating whether this so-called "convergence zone" caused other strange neighborhood events, including Charlie Chong's recently announced mayoral run.

Train horns will continue to punctuate baseball games at Safeco Field, despite complaints from TV networks. Railroad officials fear that letting people be hit and killed by trains could generate bad publicity.

Female workers can get contraceptive coverage added to medical plans after winning a suit against Bartell Drugs; a federal judge ruled that pregnancy constitutes a specific female health situation. In a later ruling, the same judge asserted that the sky is blue.

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