News Clips— Grateful/Hateful



Washington legislators who want to ban drivers from making cell phone calls at the wheel are delighted that New York managed to pass a similar law. Hurry to Olympia and assert your right to drive carelessly.

The former directors of are under investigation for stock manipulation during the fallen company's initial stock offering. At least this would prove somebody made a buck off this Internet dud.

State workers have declared victory and called off their 10-week pseudostrike. It's comforting to know that a successful labor action can be waged entirely through press releases.

Lynnwood is ruing the day it nixed a fiberglass chicken art project similar to the Seattle promotion that spawned herds of sidewalk pigs. Doubters were afraid to damage the city's reputation—as a strip mall with streets.

Viaduct-haters were heartened by a call by state engineers to replace the roadway. Hey, folks, tell us that one again about how we can just demolish the Viaduct and let the traffic cruise around downtown.

Richard McIver, the light rail-backing Seattle City Council incumbent, now has two monorail-loving opponents: E. Heath Merriwether and Grant Cogswell. If they could figure out a way to get the train itself on the ballot, McIver might be worried.

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