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IT'S TIME TO QUIT picking on Alex Rodriguez.

That's the word from Associated Press baseball columnist Stephen Hawkins, who thinks that A-Rod's classy gesture of switching positions with Cal Ripken in the All-Star Game will restore his good standing in the hearts of baseball fans.

Well, it was nice of the former Mariner star to let future Hall of Famer Ripken play an inning at shortstop, his original position. However, baseball fans around the league are unlikely to stop giving Mr. Megabucks grief over his $25 million annual contract. After all, A-Rod has been booed and showered with play money in various cities more for his coy claims that he wanted to stay in Seattle than his expanded bankbook.

Rodriguez shouldn't worry: Even if the fans remain surly, free agent season is approaching—there's little doubt that another superstar will reject his home fans for a similar big-money offer.

James Bush

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