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WAS PATRICK EWING secretly jealous of the great publicity ex-teammate Ruben Patterson got after his rape conviction?

How else to explain the former Sonic's latest star turn: as a witness at the trial of an Atlanta strip club owner. Associated Press writer Mitch Stacy reports that Ewing told jurors that he visited the Gold Club some 10 times over the last half-decade and twice received sexual favors from dancers. Owner and Ewing fan Steve Kaplan, now charged with fraud and loan-sharking, allegedly provided the onetime all-star center with special private dances. "The girls danced, started fondling me, I got aroused, they performed oral sex," testified Ewing, who eschews complete sentences.

Ewing has since been signed as a free agent by the Orlando Magic, perhaps a move to cut down on his travel time to Atlanta.

James Bush

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