News Clips— Summery/Chilling



The tent city homeless encampment is proving upwardly mobile with a planned move from lunch bucket Lake City to pricey Madrona. Next stop Broadmoor?

Tully's Coffee has announced an emergency plan to survive the defection of their recently hired CEO. Somehow, their established strategy of slavishly imitating Starbucks and losing money on pointless expansion didn't wow the new boss.

Mayoral press secretary Dick Lilly's planned run for school board means he'll transfer to a regular city job (i.e., one that isn't dependent on his boss winning reelection). Well, he's obviously smart enough for public office.

Prudish Federal Way parents were rebuffed in their bid to ban The Catcher in the Rye at an area high school. On the bright side, their effort allowed thousands of local baby boomers to feel hip and relevant again.

The Mardi Gras youth safety task force will issue its report, despite decisions to study neither race issues nor the specifics of the Pioneer Square disturbances. Copies will be available printed on both Kleenex and toilet paper.

Safeco will cut about 1,200 jobs, one quarter of which are Seattle-based. If their finances don't improve, Safeco Field could revert to its original taxpayer-proposed moniker: Cost Overrun Park.

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