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WHO: Richard A. Martin

WHAT DID YOU DO? I'm the outgoing music editor at Seattle Weekly, a former editor at Willamette Week in Portland, and a nine-year Pacific Northwest resident.

WHERE ARE YOU GOING? I'm now the deputy editor at CMJ New Music Monthly in New York.

WHERE WILL YOU LIVE? Where else? Brooklyn.

WHAT WILL YOU MISS MOST ABOUT SEATTLE? A lot. All the accessible rock clubs and fantastic bars like Linda's, Hattie's, Al's. The tennis courts across from KFC on Capitol Hill. Ballard. (I would've gone to West Seattle more if it weren't so far away.) Fresh salmon. The Mariners. Death Cab. The Showbox. KCMU. Seattle's proximity to Canada.

WHAT WILL YOU MISS LEAST ABOUT SEATTLE? People who drive too slowly. Schell. All the stupid gossip. Sidran. Dot-com construction. Not being able to go to brunch at a decent place without waiting in line for two hours. Weak-ass newspapers (except this one). Seattle's proximity to Portland.

WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE NORTHWEST MUSIC MEMORY? One of my first: Seeing Hazel and Motorgoat (featuring Sam and Janet of Quasi) at the old X-Ray Café ©n Portland in 1992. That show and many others taught me that the Pacific Northwest has the best rock. Keep it up!


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