Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment, $27.95

GUY RITCHIE deserves to be known as more than Mr. Madonna or the Brit version of Quentin Tarantino, especially since Q.T. has dropped off the map lately faster than Al Gore. This expanded two-disc DVD of Snatch, last year's violent, hilarious bumbling heist flick, should remind viewers that Ritchie is a director with one firm hand on the camera, another on the editing shears, and still another—he's very talented—on the page. The dialogue snaps and pops faster than microwave popcorn, and you'll want to go back to scene after scene filled with such ideally named characters as Turkish (Jason Statham), Franky Four Fingers (Benicio Del Toro), Doug the Head (Mike Reid), and Bullet Tooth Tony (Vinnie Jones).

Watching the film straight through, the crisp DVD transfer nearly leaps off the screen with stunningly clean sound, but don't pass over the many extra features. There's a scene-by-scene commentary by producer Matthew Vaughn and Ritchie, who's witty, perceptive, and charming. Even more fun, as you're teasing out the plot (which involves a stolen plum-sized gem), click on the diamond that occasionally pops up to see deleted scenes (and appreciate the power of sharp editing). Finally, there's a 25-minute long Making Snatch documentary filled with appropriately naughty bits—even without Ms. Ritchie's input.

Audrey Van Buskirk

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