News Clips— Needle Exchange

ALTHOUGH HE WASN'T invited to many parties until his personal worth hit $50 million or so, Paul Allen is making up for lost time.

The beautiful people are all abuzz over our own billionaire party boy's all-expenses-paid junkets, reports The New York Observer's Landon Thomas Jr. Later this month, Allen will jet a planeload of celebrities to St. Petersburg for a weekend gathering capped by a Sunday night big event. And we mean big: In 1998, Little Feat and Lou Reed performed for some 400 Allen intimates on an Alaskan cruise that reportedly cost $9 million.

Among the regular attendees are Allen pals such as recording mogul David Geffen, Grammy collector Carlos Santana, and movie director Penny Marshall. He also invites celebrities he wants to meet (kind of like a Katherine Graham with real money): Robin Williams, Paul McCartney, and Dan Aykroyd are among those who have partaken of Allen's hospitality. Save us a window seat, Pauly.

James Bush

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