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The Seattle Times is shedding its behind-the-times image with a wacky new cartoon entitled "Dot-Gone Guy." Explains proud publisher Frank Blethen: "Apparently some of those dot-com companies aren't doing too well financially."

Olympic Peninsula residents have been plagued by dozens of rapidly reproducing 75-pound feral pigs. To provide a natural predator, state ecology officials will introduce packs of bacon-burger-crazed Burger King customers into the wild.

Oregon M.D. Phillip Leveque is one popular guy: He's the prescribing physician for 40 percent of that state's medical marijuana patients. Leveque reportedly plans to expand his thriving practice to Mexico, Jamaica, and Columbia.

UW President Richard McCormick is the subject of an ethics investigation for taking 89 guests to last year's Rose Bowl. Hey, if the guy just wanted to party, would he have brought along his in-laws?

Mayoral candidate Greg Nickels got a double boost as county executive Ron Sims endorsed him while savaging incumbent Paul Schell's lack of leadership. Schell says he's forming a task force to discuss possible responses to Sims' charges.

Death penalty opponents are crying foul over the tough choice faced by death row inmate James Elledge: death by hanging or by lethal injection. Says one sob sister: "Suppose the guy really wanted the gas chamber?"

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