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SURE, THE GUY had a backlash due after the hyperbolic coronation bestowed upon The Sixth Sense, but the only swipe sillier than denying the superiority of M. Night Shyamalan's Unbreakable was dubbing the writer-director pretentious. He goes a long way toward dispelling that image in this double disc package by slipping in an excerpt from a homemade high school-era B flick, in which a rail-thin Shyamalan stages a hilariously inept brawl with two teenage buddies.

Otherwise, the assiduously unfurled tale of a middle-aged schlump (an exceptional Bruce Willis) who may or may not have superpowers is here given reverential DVD treatment, ripe with foreboding violet hues, a crashing score, and plenty of extras. Sadly, the features are in familiar formats. We get an informative but bland conception-to-reality documentary; a feature on comic-book mythology (Sam Jackson, stick to reciting dialogue, please); plus deleted scenes. The latter are surprisingly potent, accompanied by insightful exposition.

Best is a gripping tilt-a-whirl flashback featuring Jackson's crippled Elijah as a boy. No hidden clickable Easter eggs, though—and a storyboard presentation of the critical train station sequence where Willis realizes the extent of his abilities is anticlimactic. Still, this fan-oriented DVD should satiate those who recognized the simple comic-book heart at the core of Unbreakable the first time around.

Andrew Bonazelli


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