News Clips— Needle Exchange

CITY ATTORNEY Mark Sidran's faltering mayoral campaign is finally getting some good press—from The New York Times, no less.

Times writer Sam Howe Verhovek builds his Aug. 16 profile around the concept of Sidran being our homegrown version of New York's tough guy mayor Rudy Giuliani Jr. He also likes the ideas of incumbent Paul Schell as sad sack, Jersey gal Judy Nicastro as City Council quote machine, and Sidran's left-wing critics as political powerhouses. Sidran himself says he's willing to accept the Giuliani label, as long as people mean it as a compliment.

Verhovek manages a couple clinkers: Fellow mayoral candidate Greg Nickels is identified as a City Council member (he's on the King County Council). And, it's claimed, "all signs point to Mr. Sidran's making the final ballot in November." Perhaps polls showing Sidran slipping into fourth place don't qualify as "signs" in New York Times land.

James Bush

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