7 Back from SIFF, the racy, banned 1975 French film A Real Young Girl and Our Song (about considerably nicer teenage girls in Brooklyn).


The flicks of fall

Remember—all dates are subject to change.


7 Back from SIFF, the racy, banned 1975 French film A Real Young Girl and Our Song (about considerably nicer teenage girls in Brooklyn). Mr. Dirk Diggler himself, Mark Wahlberg, arrives in Rock Star, wearing a suspiciously mulletlike metal do opposite Jennifer Aniston. Avant-garde shorts by George Kuchar play 911 Media Arts Center; our favorite title—The Stench of Satan! The Grand Illusion's weekend midnight "Girls Take Over!" series continues through October with trash and sluts aplenty! A personal documentary series runs most of September at the Little Theatre.

14 Sounding suspiciously like The Mighty Ducks, Hardball features Mr. Matrix himself, Keanu Reeves, as a yuppie turned Little League baseball coach.

21 Mariah Carey fans rejoice! Her long-delayed debut feature, Glitter, finally arrives! From SIFF, there's the seriocomedic '70s Swedish commune movie Together, the Colombian gay love story Our Lady of the Assas- sins, the high school football documentary Go, Tigers!, the temp worker comedy Haiku Tunnel, and Ed Burns and Heather Graham as will-they-or-won't-they lovers in Sidewalks of New York. The Grand Illusion receives a new print of John Schlesinger's 1963 Billy Liar.

28 Ben Stiller's male model expos頼I>Zoolander opens with Owen Wilson. Hearts in Atlantis promises Anthony Hopkins in a role where he doesn't cook anyone's brains for a change. The beautiful Vietnamese sibling drama The Vertical Ray of the Sun was a SIFF fave. 1970's Performance with Mick Jagger returns at the Grand Illusion, which also begins a six-weekend series of Bud Boetticher westerns.


4 SAM's annual fall noir series—Richard Widmark in No Way Out!--runs through Dec. 13; series tickets usually go fast.

5 The Grand Illusion's three-week retrospective of Eric Rohmer's "Moral Tales" begins; circle that one in your calendars. From SIFF, Thai drag queens play volleyball in Iron Ladies and Ian Hart goes fascist in Liam. Ahhnold returns in Collateral Damage (which pretty much describes his last few bombs). The Seattle Underground Film Fest, a.k.a. SUFF, runs through the 14th.

10 EMP offers four rock-themed road movies through the 17th.

12 Chris Kattan mugs opposite Peter Falk in Corky Romano. The Icelandic slacker movie 101 Reykjav???/I> is one of our favorites from SIFF; check out the new print of Josef von Sternberg's 1930 The Blue Angel (with Marlene Dietrich).

17 Yo! Snoop Dogg turns up in the Halloween-themed Bones.

19 Steve Martin plays a dentist gone bad in Novocain, with Helena Bonham Carter. Robert Redford is a wrongfully court-martialed general-behind-bars in The Last Castle. The sixth Seattle Gay & Lesbian Film Fest runs through the 25th. Drew Barrymore stars in Riding in Cars with Boys.

24 EMP imports live bands (including Yo La Tengo) to perform new silent movie scores (through Nov. 7).

26 Mamet fans await Gene Hackman in Heist. Slacker auteur Richard Linklater's animated Waking Life opens. Wisconsin Death Trip! Scary! Freaky! See it!

29 The Paramount's five-title Silent Movie Monday series runs through Nov. 26.


2 Monsters, Inc. arrives from those Pixar geniuses behind the Toy Story series, a must-see despite the participation of Billy Crystal. The Coen brothers' The Man Who Wasn't There has Billy Bob Thornton as a barber gone bad (Angelina Jolie will do that to a guy). Linklater's second fall film, the DV drama Tape, features Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman. Tiny Jet Li stars in The One.

9 They loved her in Cannes; irresistible Am鬩e opens in the States. What's classy Gwyneth Paltrow doing with vulgar Jack Black in a Farrelly brothers movie? Find out in Shallow Hal. Nicolas Cage fights WWII again, this time not for the Italians (as in Captain Corelli's Mandolin), in John Woo's Windtalkers.

16 That precocious brat with the lightning bolt on his noggin appears in the Harry Potter movie. Its competition? The sci-fi spoof American Astronaut and Shackleton documentary The Endurance (both from SIFF).

21 Brad Pitt and Robert Redford team up in Spy Game, evidently a Cold War period piece in which our heroes share a past—and a woman!--in Vietnam. Martin Lawrence travels back to medieval times in Black Knight, changing the course of the English language forever.

23 Godard's 1964 Band of Outsiders is back with a new print.

30 Sundance comedy fave Super Troopers, about inept Vermont cops, occupies an otherwise quiet weekend.


7 The buzz is building for Steven Soderbergh's Ocean's Eleven remake with Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Julia Roberts—still undoubtedly grateful to Steve for her Erin Brockovich Oscar. (Speaking of which, is Shirley MacLaine the only surviving member of the Rat Pack available for a cameo?) Julia's ex, Benjamin Bratt, portrays the '70s playwright-criminal Pi�. The biopic Ali challenges Will Smith to fill those legendary boxing gloves, while businesswomen Stockard Channing and Julia Stiles slug it out in The Business of Strangers (from SIFF).

14 Having just co-produced Alejandro Amenᢡr's The Others (featuring his ex-wife), Tom Cruise stars in a remake of Amenᢡr's 1997 Open Your Eyes, redubbed Vanilla Sky and directed by part-time Seattle resident Cameron Crowe—an Oscar winner for Almost Famous. (Interestingly, Pen鬯pe Cruz reprises her role from Eyes.)

20 Our big-ass holiday film guide will cover year-end titles including Gangs of New York, Lord of the Rings, The Shipping News, A Beautiful Mind, and The Royal Tennenbaums.

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