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IS THAT THE TIP JAR or the collection plate?

That's what churchgoers at Munster, Indiana's Family Christian Center must be wondering since their house of worship installed a Starbucks coffee outlet in the lobby. The Seattle coffee giant even sent a trainer to demonstrate the godly art of Frappuccino making.

While a recent article by The Wall Street Journal's Elizabeth Bernstein focuses on all manner of church spin-offs and add-ons, the Starbucks idea seems the most successful. After Family Christian Center opened northwest Indiana's only Starbucks outlet, attendance rose at its various concerts, plays, and other functions. "I went to a lot of events in the beginning," says Jane Resetear, "mainly because I like the coffee." The swell java aside, Resetear still buys her religion down the street—from the Roman Catholics.

Either she's a devout Catholic or she's waiting until Family Christian adds those Krispy Kreme donuts.

James Bush

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