News Clips— Noteworthy/Not Worthy



Mayor Paul Schell ended a dispute with neighborhood groups and announced a $4.6 million fix for University Way sidewalks. Nothing says "cooperation" like a politician in an election year.

Bremerton-bound ferry riders will have to slow down, as the wake caused by their speedy commute damages bulkheads along Rich Passage. System officials say this will merely accentuate the anticipation involved in any visit to Squid Town.

The Seattle Police officers who harmlessly fired 33 rounds at each other in a case of mistaken identity were cleared of wrongdoing. However, the Firearms Review Board did confiscate their marksmanship badges.

The European Union keeps picking on poor Microsoft and is threatening fines over the company's monopolistic practices. Look, folks, if it weren't for a little American ingenuity, you'd all be bitching in German.

Former special prosecutor Kenneth Starr is now employed helping Olympic Pipe Line duck a federal indictment for a deadly 1999 explosion. Starr notes that his deft work on the Whitewater case helped the entire Clinton administration escape felony charges.

Mayoral hopeful/assault suspect Omari Tahir-Garrett will be allowed to attend a conference on racism in South Africa. A judge ruled that, even if Garrett flees the country, Seattle would retain an adequate stock of crazy wanna-be politicians.

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