News Clips— Needle Exchange

NOW THAT STORES in the town of Roslyn have finally sold off their dusty shelves of Northern Exposure souvenirs, television drama has once again returned to our country's northwest corner.

According to recent stories by Los Angeles Times television writers Howard Rosenburg and Greg Braxton, the new CBS series Wolf Lake portrays a Seattle police officer (played by Lou Diamond Phillips) searching for his missing girlfriend in a sinister rural Washington town whose residents turn into wolves after dark. (The series will actually be filmed in Vancouver, B.C., of course.) Although Wolf Lake creator John Leekey tells Braxton his original concept had to do with "real transformation—the spirit and soul," the network pushed him aside and refreshed his concept with an infusion of sex, gothic horror clich鳬 and soap opera-style story lines. Sounds like a good call. But will it sell T-shirts?

James Bush

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