According to: Allan Park, program/group exercise director

Where: The Vault, 808 Second, 224-9000 [health club]

In: yoga, Pilates, cycling (spinning), pump classes (body sculpting with


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If you really want to know...

According to: Allan Park, program/group exercise director

Where: The Vault, 808 Second, 224-9000 [health club]

In: yoga, Pilates, cycling (spinning), pump classes (body sculpting with barbells),meditation/acupuncture, martial arts (blends of kickboxing, tai chi, and karate). Mind/body connections and holistic approaches. High-protein, low-starch diets, Cave Man Diet, Eastern Diet, bigger lunches, smaller dinners

Out: Step, aerobics, jazzercise, fad diets (Atkins Diet), and dairy

According to: Timothy and Sam, sales staff

Where: Atlas Clothing/Used & Vintage, 1515 Broadway, 323-0960 [vintage clothing]

In: '80s inspired fashion, anything cutesey or preppy (alligator or Lacoste shirts, button-down collars with ties for girls), adorned with rainbows/hearts. Gucci bags, vintage Louis Vuitton bags, elasticized belts, late '70s and '80s sportswear (Puma, adidas), military, and anything customized (graffiti)

Out: Bohemian/hippie look, swing-dance look, and fat pants

According to: Kristen, consultant Where: Sephora, University Village, 526-9110 [makeup]

In: Matte shadows and soft matte lipsticks, bolder colors, deep red-gold tones, bolder brows. Products: Nars shadow, Stila Color Voyage Eye Shadow Trios, Lorac lipsticks. "And every girl should have a Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler."

Out: Shimmer eye shadows; skinny/overplucked eyebrows

According to: Sierra, the "go-between lady"

Where: Burnt Sugar, 601 N. 35th, 545-0699 [accessories, bath products]

In: Ellen Stewart Bags (makeup bags, coin purses), Lettuce Soap, Dirty Girl products, and Oil Cloth

Out: Not having the right bag; uncleanliness

According to: Carl Mayes and KellyThompson, owners

Where: Rising Stars, 7404 Greenwood N., 781-0138 [children's wear]

In: Unisex, comfort clothes, all-natural fibers (cottons and soft fabrics). Transportation (trains, planes, and automobiles) and animal prints. Kushies—unisex line of newborn and infant clothes that come in pastels and stripes made out of good-quality cotton. Floral prints, pinks, and purples for toddler girls

Out: Zippers and buttons, denim, dinosaur prints

According to: The staff

Where: Rudy's Barber Shop, 614 E. Pine, 329-3008 [hair]

In: buzz cuts, mullets, feathers, '80s punk, modified Mohawk, facial hair (fuller beards, longer sideburns), soft fringes

Out: pompadour, chunky hair color, all-over bleaches, roots, goatees, graduated bob, rock star/Cha-Cha Lounge look

According to: Kerry, buyer

Where: City Kitchens, 1527 Fourth, 382-1138 [kitchen products]

In: Microplane zester/grater, baking mats (turns any cookie sheet into a nonstick cookie sheet), wine charms (markers so you can find your drink), Rosle can opener (doesn't leave sharp edges), pasta machines, knives with stainless steel handles (Wusthof Culinary and Henckles Twin Select)

Out: Drinking from the wrong glass, store-bought pasta

According to: Lorali Downes, owner Where: Eyes on Fremont, 4254 Fremont N., 634-3375 [eyeglasses]

In: Rectangular and retro shapes, sleek small frames, rhinestones, titanium, multicolors, vintage replicas

Out: Colored/all contacts, tortoise frames, rimless frames, big frames

According to: Aaron Park, general manager

Where: Fantasy Unlimited, 2027 Westlake, 682-0167 [erotic products]

In: velvet, goth, fishnet, the Baby Jesus butt plug

Out: punk, the Hello Kitty vibrator

According to: Eileen, store manager

Where: Anthropologie, 1513 Fifth, 381-5900 [women's clothing and accessories]

In: Sweater coat or jacket, Western- inspired shirt, fashion denim skirt or pants, menswear- inspired clothing, terra sweaters with woodland animal print, feminine embellished knit tops with lace or other decoratives, something toile, corduroy or moleskin, and fall colors (eggplants, browns, moss greens, reds)

Out: "No such thing as a fashion don't—if you look good wearing it and can get away with it.... Why not?"

According to: The staff

Where: Sonic Boom Records, 3414 Fremont N., 547-2666 [music]

In: White Stripes, Sigur Ros, Gorillaz, our CDs

Out: Whitesnake, Sugar Ray, Monkees, CDrs

According to: Kay Smith-Blum, owner

Where: Butch Blum, 1408 Fifth, 622-5760 [men's clothing]

In: Cardigan-like coats, leather flare jeans, cashmere and silk, angora or mohair pullover sweaters, narrow ties, fitted leather jackets. Colors: mocha or espresso browns, eggplant, rich caramels, army greens, paprika

Out: Pants with tight thighs and extremely flared bottoms; super-tight, low-slung hip-huggers; true black

According to: Emily Aylward, owner

Where: Flip Salon, 620 Alaskan Way, second floor, 713-9326 [hair]

In: Gals: Full head of color, texturized and natural vs. straightened, natural colors, and naturally curly. Guys: mid-length, longer hair is coming back. In general: Up-do's, Bed Head products, styling mud

Out: Bright, crazy colors/Manic Panic, straightening, and pomades. "National trends don't seem to matter in Seattle, we tend to be more relaxed about styles."

According to: Matt Evans, weekend manager

Where: Orpheum, 618 Broadway E., 322-6370 [music]

In: Local NW music (Built to Spill, Quasi), Radiohead, The Shins, Sigur Ros

Out: R&B, Southern hip-hop

According to: Erin Dolan, owner

Where: Edie's, 319 E Pine, 839-1111 [shoes]

In: Heritage Collection of tennis shoes/old-school '50s, '60s remakes, brown, comfortable, wedge heel, rubber soles

Out: Futuristic Nike, granola, platform, Cuban-pimp, super- slick, guy shoes

According to: Alice, assistant manager

Where: Tenzing Momo & Co., 93 Pike, 623-9837 [herbs]

In: Maca (boosts energy), Kava Kava (reduces pain), Skull Cap (nerve tonic), organic, tinctures

Out: Saint-John's-wort, goldenseal, garlic

According to: Steve Quenell, customer service rep

Where: Archie McPhee, 2428 N.W. Market, 297-0240 [toys and pranks]

In: Devil Duckies, cowgirl placemats, snack boxes (Women in War, Bathing Beauties, Day of the Dead)

Out: Fart machines, fake dog crap, whoopee cushions, fake vomit

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