News Clips— Linebacker/Wuss



A Lacey wood-carver is celebrating his constitutional rights by decorating his property with a 7-foot wooden phallus topped by two American flags. "Oh, I'm a Yankee Doodle Moron. . . ."

Stockbrokers were gloomy as U.S. markets suffered their biggest drop since the Great Depression. On the bright side,'s stock performance can finally be rated "average."

George, Washington—the town with the dumb name, not the dead president—is for sale to the highest bidder. Note to interested buyers: Evict the tenants of the mobile-home park and you can single-handedly elect yourself mayor.

Peter Bevis, rescuer of the ferry Kalakala, is in hot water for illegally converting a Fremont intersection into a four-way stop. Uh, Peter, just where did you "find" four stop signs?

Council candidate Grant Cogswell won a court challenge striking down the city's rule against discussing political opponents in your voters' pamphlet statement. City elections regulators retaliated by instituting a ban on discussing the monorail.

Tim Eyman lost another court battle as the state high court struck down last year's Initiative 722. Look for Tim's next initiative to propose cutting judges' pay and forcing them to trade in their black robes for clown suits.

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