News Clips— Needle Exchange

THE WORLD IS watching Paul Schell's retirement party.

The stunning primary elimination of Seattle's incumbent mayor was profiled in the national media as a case of the dark side of America's most livable city. Timothy Egan of The New York Times evoked the WTO riots, Mardi Gras violence, and Boeing shrinkage in his story on the race. As in the paper's pre-race coverage, Times editors love the concept that Sidran is a junior version of Gotham strongman Rudy Giuliani. (They also enjoy the fact that Sidran's parents are originally from Brooklyn, even though the candidate touts himself as the race's only Seattle-born contender.) Sidran is also labeling himself as a "Lieberman Democrat," after Joe Lieberman, the moderate U.S. senator from Connecticut.

The deposed Schell is described as "a Shakespearean tragic figure" (by the oh-so-literary Sidran). Final election rival Greg Nickels is characterized as a nonconfrontational fellow. Amazingly, the author avoids the phrases "nice guy" and "Seattle Way."

James Bush

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