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RICHARD MCIVER should have paid more attention to the youth vote.

At least that's what the incumbent Seattle City Council member might be thinking after losing out on the endorsement of the 43rd District Democrats due to two ballots cast by a 10-year-old. The 43rd ended up making no endorsement in the race.

According to Javier Valdez, chair of the 43rd District Democrats, McIver fell "a fraction of a vote" short in two attempts to reach the two-thirds supermajority required for an endorsement. And, yes, 10-year-old Ian Affleck-Asch, a fifth-grader at Fremont's B.F. Day Elementary School, was among the electors backing McIver's election-day rival, Grant Cogswell.

How did this kid get the franchise? "Our membership and our bylaws allow for a family to join at a family membership rate, and it's up to that family to decide who they want to join as members," Valdez explains. Registered families can get a maximum of two votes—Ian was attending the meeting with his father, Will.

Valdez says a McIver supporter asked for an explanation of district rules after the vote but chose not to file a formal protest.

James Bush

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