News Clips— Respected/Rejected



Channel One, which beams news and advertising to a captive teenage audience, may be bounced from Seattle schools. Sponsors plan to retaliate by adding a "corporate logo recognition" section to the S.A.T.

Washington residents suffered an average household income drop of 8.2 percent over the last three years. Although economists can't explain the dip, Mayoral candidate Mark Sidran blames Sound Transit.

Airline pilots may soon be packing heat, if their union's recommendation to arm fliers meets federal approval. On the downside, passengers bearing oversized carry-on luggage had better keep their heads down.

Political consultant Cathy Allen is in hot water after praising two of her clients on a city cable TV show. Fortunately, an investigation showed only six people actually watched the program, and four had the sound turned down.

Seattle's Tent City notched a win when a judge dismissed $24,000 in fines against a community group that welcomed the encampment. City regulators fear the lost revenue could hamstring their ability to hound the homeless from neighborhood to neighborhood.

Mariners fans who camped out overnight yet didn't get playoff tickets are blaming line-cutters for their plight. If the M's make the playoffs next year, manager Lou Piniella may be sent in to keep order.

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