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The Seattle Times successfully defended its criticism of a Mardi Gras riot task force for failing to address the issue of race. The Times wants everyone to feel free to discuss racial issues— except Greg Nickels.

Microsoft officials are scrambling to make amends after a computer glitch allowed net surfers access to the company's customer database. Fortunately, the accident also erased the file containing their privacy policy.

The Pigs on Parade art event raised another $400,000 for the Pike Place Market Foundation when the kitschy porkers were auctioned on e-Bay. Hey, anything to get those swine off the streets.

Judges in King County District Court decried a proposal to cut their budget by 15 percent. Under County exec Ron Sims' proposal, criminal cases will be decided by a coin flip and civil litigants will settle disputes using rock-paper-scissors.

Mariners fans keep camping out on city sidewalks in order to nab the next round of playoff tickets. Even City Attorney Mark Sidran seems to have caught baseball fever—he didn't order any arrests.

Veteran thrash metalers Anthrax are upset by recent negative connotations surrounding their band name and may choose a less politically controversial handle. Among the contenders: Jihad, Missile Attack, and the bin Ladens.

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