News Clips— Needle Exchange

HELLO WORLD—It's Jim McDermott!

As just the second member of Congress to express doubt about the ongoing war in Afghanistan, Seattle's own U.S. representative-for-life is once again seeing some national press coverage. And this time, he didn't need to intercept people's cell phone calls to get it.

In a recent interview with Katherine Pfleger of The Associated Press, McDermott notes that our country's early 1990s military intervention in Iraq failed to lead to the political changes U.S. leaders wanted. "I am angry and upset [over terrorist attacks]," says Sunny Jim. "But that doesn't mean what you do is go out and immediately fly off and bomb the other side."

With his newfound celebrity status, McDermott says he hopes to draw media attention to substantive policy proposals such as a single-payer health care system and . . . hey, where'd everybody go?

James Bush

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