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Today's lesson in integrity comes from—who knew?—the White Stripes' Meg and Jack White, who recently turned down $1 million to appear in the Gap's latest campaign. Third-world sweatshops and pleated-front khakis aside, we've actually never had much of a problem with artists selling their souls to that particular corporate devil—after all, as Low frontman, Gap jingle maker and proud papa Alan Sparhawk was heard to say, indie cred doesn't exactly keep the kid in Huggies. Anyhoo, the Stripes won't be joining an illustrious list that includes Badly Drawn Boy, Blonde Redhead, Tricky, Daft Punk, and, um, Carole King's daughter. Their loss. . . . Oh, Inverted Bill! The Shins' overwhelming popularity has the Albuquerqueans edging out their headliners; a mass exodus after both their Portland and Seattle shows left a decidedly un-packed room for ex- Pavement Scott Kannberg's Preston School of Industry. We can't blame them; after the openers' magnificent set, our hearts, ears and brains were full enough, thank you. . . . In other visiting dignitary news, the Deal sisters rocked the crowded Crocodile on Saturday night. Pulling out even the odd Amps tune and old favorites such as "Iris," Kim, Kelly, and company kept a decidedly old-school crowd up past its bedtime. But even the kids knew the score. Brendan, frontman for local new-school popsters Poseur, expressed that sentiment quite nicely. In closing their set and thanking the crowd, he couldn't get through the sentence, "The Breeders are up next," without giving way to an excited giggle. It's not often that this jaded town is privy to such unashamed honesty and enthusiasm and, personally, we at DOON thought it was cuter than a bug's butt. . . . Hey kids, when list making time rolls around, be sure to ask Santa for the Smashing Pumpkins' latest and greatest. Called Rotten Apples (Haw! That Billy

sure has a way with vegetable metaphors!), it's an 18-track greatest-hits collection featuring two brand-spankin'-new numbers. But wait, there's more! Chrome-domey Corgan also promises a supplementary second disc of rarities and B-sides, including (urp) a version of "God Bless America" warbled by the Siamese Dreamer himself. . . . We're not really ones to recommend movie soundtracks, being that they're usually a sorry slapped-together bag of major-label also-rans and half-assed crappiness from bands we otherwise like. But this one may be different: On Nov. 20, SpinArt will release the CD for Dean Quixote (an indie from the same guy who did Swingers), featuring a record-store clerk's wet-dream roster of acts like Guided By Voices, Apples in Stereo, Beachwood Sparks, Bettie Serveert, Olivia Tremor Control, and the Minders. GBV play live in the film, and there are a couple of interesting covers in the mix as well—Spink try their hand at the Will Oldham (a.k.a. Palace Music) track "New Partner," and Rebar bust their version of Peter Tosh's "Legalize It." Now if only they could have got their paws on the rights to "My Heart Will Go On"—after all, it ain't a true soundtrack until the bony, chest-beating French-Canadian diva sings. . . . And now, a report from Monsieur Bonazelli on the Groundworks blowout: "The evening's emcee, Gwyneth effin' Paltrow, shuffled out to teleprompt Alanis Morrisette and Mana into action. At one point, when the cameras couldn't frame her gleaming mug for the Jumbotron, she demurely quipped 'I'm just gonna get back on my knees.' It was the one sliver of raunch in an otherwise woefully humorless event. Alanis twirled around like a damn dirty hippie in a mercifully brief seven-song set, and the extensive wait for Pearl Jam was smoothed out by cameos from Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and the

Goddamned Spoonman, but the knockdown moment everyone will remember was Eddie Vedder and Michael Stipe dueting in fedoras to a showstopping 'The End of the World as We Know It.'" We, being far too cool for stadium shows, decided to get our R.E.M. on instead at the next night's secret Croc show, where a surprisingly friendly and loose-limbed Stipe was joined onstage once again by the Vedder-meister for a rousing "End of the World" and a little ballroom dancing (don't ask). Overall a fabulous evening, one ending in big smiles, warm fuzzies, and our own personal all-time gnarliest hangover. . . . Medical update: Though the Donnas were indeed injured last week in a car accident in Boulder, Colo., the kids are alright. According to Lookout! Records, the girls were returning from a photo shoot for a book to benefit the Red Cross when they were slammed by an oncoming car. Donna F. suffered back and neck injuries, and Donna R. required facial stitches, while the other Donnas escaped unscathed. Still, the band has decided to cancel their remaining West Coast dates. We wish them a speedy recovery. . . . Sing Through This: Courtney Love (surely you didn't think we'd forgotten her?) caused quite the ruckus this Saturday at the Hollywood Bowl Jane's Addiction show in L.A. Refusing to leave the stage after her allotted time as an opening act was up, Miss World got her Golden Globe-nominated knickers all in a twist, refusing to leave the stage even after one stagehand confiscated her guitar and another physically removed her, resulting in a 45-minute standoff and multiple sneaky returns to the pit bordering the stage. Seemingly charmed by (or oblivious to) her obnoxious antics, Universal Records has reportedly offered Love a whopping $18.5 million after hearing a five-song demo recorded with her new project, Bastard. Frankly, we are baffled by Courtney's extreme good karma and can only assume

that in a previous life she single-handedly saved an entire civilization—or at least a large village. At this rate, she just may steal the coveted mantle of semitalented singer-actress/stellar self-promoter from J.Lo by '03.

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