News Clips— Straightforward/Shifty



Mayoral wanna-be Mark Sidran is the proud recipient of an endorsement by lame-duck Mayor Paul Schell. Despite the publicity boost, pollsters predict Schell's backing could cost the Sidran campaign several thousand votes.

The Washington Energy gas flame sign will be added to the Museum of History and Industry's historic sign collection. Washington Energy customers can re-create that burning sensation by simply opening up their gas and electricity bills.

Interstate-90 commuters may get two extra lanes, created by narrowing existing lanes. On the downside, this means there will be more cars on the highway, and they'll be even closer together.

Power producers who own windmill farms could lose their federal tax break. On the bright side, wind is still free.

A newly discovered species of huge crocodile apparently terrorized Central Africa some 110 million years ago. Described as vicious and prone to attack, scientists say the enormous carnivore would probably have backed Mark Sidran for mayor.

In the latest stumble on's amazing march to profitability, falling sales caused a 20 percent dip in stock value. However, given the miniscule current value of company shares, even major stockholders lost just pennies.

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