News Clips— Needle Exchange

HEY! GIVE US BACK our firemen!

That's what New York City residents must have been thinking as they read Sam Howe Verhovek's New York Times piece about how the campaign against Washington state's property tax-limiting Initiative 747 borrowed the Sept. 11-inspired image of heroic firefighters. I-747 proponent Tim Eyman may call the tactic "shameless," but he jokes that it at least enlivened his life on the campaign trail. "One thing's different this year," says Eyman, who has had a tax-limiting initiative on the final election ballot for three straight years. "All I debate these days is firefighters, not legislators."

According to Verhovek, Washington was the only state with property-tax limits on the ballot this year, but firefighters elsewhere should probably practice those debating skills—similar measures are expected next year in Arizona, Maine, and Massachusetts.

James Bush

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