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Mayor Paul Schell got the good news too late: a federal court has ruled that his WTO "no-protest" zone passed constitutional muster. Hey, is it too late for a primary election do over?

Local crime fighters are aghast after a federal court struck down a 50-year sentence given a shoplifter under California's "three strikes" law. To avoid future judicial interference, Washington will simply shoot offenders upon conviction.

The childhood home of Jimi Hendrix will avoid the wrecking ball through the intervention of a local developer. Next up for preservation: the dozen Capitol Hill apartment buildings that housed Kurt Cobain's various drug dealers.

U.S. Sen. Patty Murray's proposed "sales tax holiday" for the first two weeks of Christmas shopping season isn't selling. Cities and counties threatened to declare the first three months of 2002 as a "government services holiday."

A doughnut shop called Krispy Kreme is now the Eastside's newest destination strip-mall outlet. Hopefully, some local newspaper or television station will fill in the blanks on this criminally under-covered story.

Light-rail critics Save Our Valley got a $20,000 copying bill from an unsuccessful lawsuit against Sound Transit. At least the struggling transit agency is finally thinking of ways to make money, not spend it.

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