News Clips— Enthused/Embittered



Seattle teens celebrated the City Council's funding of the Vera Project, our publicly sponsored all-ages music venue. Mayor Paul Schell blamed his efforts to ax the program on his despair over the Murder City Devils breakup.

Ballot issue guru Tim Eyman was ordered by the U.S. Postal Service to quit dumping old postcards generated by his business in their recycling bins. Tim's comeback: The Right To Dump Junk Mail Initiative.

M's skipper Lou Piniella was named American League Manager of the Year. According to sportswriters across the country, Sweet Lou got the nod because "We don't want that guy glaring at us all next year."

Television news helicopters are still grounded in Seattle and some 29 other cities. Don't the feds realize that dramatic, high-angle shots are the coolest way to film house fires?

The new Harry Potter movie is drawing critical raves and plenty of gawking fans of all ages. On the downside, you don't read much about those Krispy Kreme doughnuts anymore.

New mayor Greg Nickels has already suffered his first media setback: he's been labeled "boring" by chirpy Seattle Times columnist Nicole Brodeur. Ouch! That's a little like being called "unprepared" by Paul Schell.

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