News Clips— Needle Exchange

THAT LOVABLE SCAMP John Curley, the perpetually boyish host of KING-TV's "Evening Magazine," ran into a very public setback when he tried to expand his personality cult to the Big Apple.

It seems the towheaded self-promoter was part of a group representing KING outside NBC's street-front Rockefeller Plaza production facility during last Friday's broadcast of the Today show. Weatherman Al Roker obligingly came out and introduced the out-of-town delegation during his forecast segment: "Here's a group from KING-TV in Seattle."

Amid the cheers, Curley, standing on his toes in the back of the crowd holding a KING sign, pipes up. "I'm a regional treasure there!"

"Good," replied Roker, turning away. "We're going to bury you."

Incidentally, the segment sponsor was Paxil, a medication used to treat social anxiety disorder. With a little luck, it's a contagious condition—and maybe John will catch it.

James Bush

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