News Clips— Needle Exchange

WHAT'S WORSE THAN watching Miami demolish the Washington Huskies on national television? Finding out you can't even hate those Hurricanes.

That's the verdict after reading the Miami Herald's remarkably gloat-free coverage of the 65-7 whipping. Miami football coach Larry Coker has silenced the trademark trash talk that made the loose-lipped 'Canes the team everybody loved to hate. Coker humbly told the Herald's Susan Miller Degnan the Husky rout was "one of the most dominant performances I've seen against a quality opponent. This was just our night."

What, no victory dance? The only arguably offensive Herald moment was columnist Greg Cote's wacky riffing around the fact that UW coach Rick Neuheisel has a law degree. "At halftime, Neuheisel filed suit against Miami, alleging cruel and unusual talent," cracked Cote. "That didn't work any better than his petition for a cease-and-desist order at 44-0 early in the third quarter." Stop it, Greg, you're killing us.

James Bush

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