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Charities in need this holiday.

THE SHAREHOUSE, 5706 Second S. , Seattle, 98108. www.thesharehouse.org, 767-5280.

What: Provides furniture and household goods to formerly homeless individuals and families.

Once an individual or family has moved from transitional housing to a permanent setting, they can set an appointment with the Sharehouse and go to the facility to pick out two large items, such as beds, couches, or dressers, and two small items, like chairs, ottomans, or a desk, along with as many linens and dishes as needed. Sharehouse provides these basic items, free of charge, with the goal of helping homeless families achieve self-sufficiency, self-esteem, and long-term stability.

Donate: Financial support, blankets (new and used), and any furniture or household items as long as they are in good condition-not ripped, stained, or torn.

Donation drop-off locations: Donations can be taken to the warehouse, 5706 Second S., in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood, between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Mon.-Fri. For larger items that won't fit in the backseat of a car, pickup service is available in certain areas of King County. To schedule a pickup, call 767-5280. Note that there is a lead time of up to two weeks.

PROVAIL, 3670 Stone Way N., Seattle, 98103. www.provail.org, 363-7303.

What: Services to expand opportunities for people with disabilities.

PROVAIL helps Washingtonians with all kinds of disabilities be active members of their communities, live in their own homes, have jobs, enjoy recreation and entertainment, and be able to pursue their lives' dreams. Founded in 1942 by a group of parents to find solutions for the unmet needs of their disabled children, PROVAIL provides the following services to people with disabilities in and around Seattle: residential services; employment services; occupational, physical, and speech therapy; and dental clinic services. PROVAIL recently completed construction of a new facility in the Fremont area.

Donate: Financial support, new computers.

PAWS, P.O. Box 1037, Lynnwood, 98046. www.paws.org, 425-787-2500.

What: Animal advocacy and care.

The Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) is the largest animal advocacy and direct-care organization in the Pacific Northwest. The Wildlife Center is a world leader in wildlife rehabilitation, and the Companion Animal Shelter has enriched the lives of over 100,000 Seattle-area families through the adoption of a companion animal. PAWS is entirely dependent on public financial support for its $3 million annual budget and gladly welcomes donations of money and supplies to help in the care of homeless animals at their facility.

Donate: Financial support, pet foods, pet toys (nothing made with animal ingredients), leashes, towels, litter.

Donation drop-off locations:

PAWS Companion Animal Shelter, 15305 44th Ave. W., Lynnwood. 425-787-2500; PAWS Cat City, 8503 Greenwood N., Seattle 782-1700.

TREEHOUSE, 655 S. Orcas, Suite 220, Seattle, 98108. www.treehouse4kids. org, 767-7000.

What: Treehouse offers foster kids the opportunity to make their childhood special by providing the fees and equipment that they need to do the things they dream about.

If you think about the things that you might have done as a kid—perhaps swimming lessons when you were 5, or flute in middle school so that you could play with your best friend in the band, maybe you were a scout in high school or played a team sport—these are the same things that kids in foster care want to do.

Treehouse pays for foster children to take classes in martial arts, music, and art and be part of sports teams, scouts, and church and community groups. Instrument rental? No problem. Lessons and equipment are provided for every musical instrument in the orchestra.

Donate: Financial support.


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