News Clips— Loved/Despised



Lovers of market economics celebrated Capitalism Day with a Walk for Capitalism. The event not only raised enough money to send poster child Tyler to Lakeside, he'll arrive in Armani.

Vancouver resident Treva Throneberry, 32, was convicted of theft for posing as a teenager and swindling a college scholarship from the state. Throneberry not only denies the charges, she's asked to serve her time in Juvenile Detention.

The Sound Transit board triumphantly approved its proposed downtown-to-almost-the-airport light-rail line. As this represents its first success, the board plans to approve the line again in 2003, 2006, and 2010.

Edmonds residents are griping over proposals to build a third sewage treatment plant in their coastal 'burb. On the bright side, every city needs a trademark industry.

Doughnut lovers found their way to Issaquah's Krispy Kreme outlet after an artful prankster posted a mock highway directional sign. The creators of the famous Seattle monolith are denying involvement.

A study shows commercial fund-raisers give as little as 20 percent of their proceeds to the charities they supposedly represent. Representatives of one fundraising firm say that's reason enough to quintuple your donations.

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